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         some sculptures by Dan Efran




I made this alien flower for my girlfriend.

Faux Alien Lily

Xenoflora #1: Blue Alien Lily

(tissue paper, paper and plastic gift wrap, wire, acrylic paint)



The word 'kitbash' refers to the process of using parts from a variety of model kits, in unexpected ways, to decorate a new model that doesn't resemble any of the kits. For example, using details from a battleship kit to represent details on a car's engine at a different scale. When we needed a spaceship for 3001: The Shadow Planet, I had an excuse to try this technique. Although the look of the Venturous (I just now named it, we just called it "the ship") is inspired by Space: 1999, the model is built mostly from Apollo rocket kits, a few parts from an airplane kit and a Star Wars ship kit, a plastic Easter egg, and lots of "sprue", which is the plastic scaffold left between model parts by the molding process. This model never got a proper paint job, because we needed to slather it in day-glow paint to make it visible on stage.

Kitbash Spaceship

The doomed starship Venturous

(model kit parts and sprue, plastic Easter egg, fluorescent paint)

Relativity in Graph Paper

Once upon a time I considered building a model of M. C. Escher's Relativity (scroll down) in Linka. I never really started on the Linka model, but I did finish a study model, which I made by cutting, folding, and gluing graph paper. It was a great way to work out exactly how the architecture fits together. My graph paper model is a bit battered now, and the glue is coming loose in places, so I figured I'd better take a picture while I can. Here it is. (I haven't tried to line this photo up exactly like the print, but you get the idea.)

Escher's Relativity in Graph Paper

Escher's Relativity in Graph Paper

(graph paper, white glue, pencil, cardboard, plastic model sprue)

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