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         drawings by Dan Efran



Digital Paintings

My new alarm clock is a digital photo frame: it wakes me with a song and a picture. So I needed a suitably invigorating picture. For some reason, I decided an Egyptian scarab motif would be appropriate. Inspired by a nice tattoo-art tutorial and a Google image search, I created this scarab (in a sort of Trapper Keeper style) using Adobe Illustrator.

Dawn Scarab
Dawn Scarab

Dawn Scarab is now available on a T-shirt, coffee mug, tote bag....

This is a hybrid pencil drawing/digital painting. It's an evolution of my recent dragon sketch work (see below) and an exploration of certain digital painting techniques. (Updated April 2009 to explore even more techniques.)

Dragon and Airship
Dragon and Airship

Digital Sketches

Here's a drawing I did in Photoshop, inspired by the improbable architecture depicted on countless science-fiction book covers.

Moon and Spires

Here's another.

Darkish Tower

Pencil Sketches

Lately I've been making quick sketches of dragons. No particular reason; they're fun to draw. Here are just a few of them.

Sketch of a young dragon

Sketch of a lumpy four-eyed dragon

In the house where my mother grew up hangs a painting of King David as an old man, which has always impressed me with its sense of mood and character.

Always eager to improve my own art, I decided to do a quick pencil sketch of the painting, trying to reproduce the same mood and character.

Sketch of painting of King David as an old man

Here is a photo of the original painting, for comparison. I don't know who the artist is.

painting: King David as an old man

This is a very quick sketch of an alien insect, very loosely inspired by some designs by my friend Jordu Schell:

sketch: alien insect



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