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   About the Author
         who is this Dan Efran anyway?

Picture of Dan EfranHi. My name is Dan Efran. This website, The Martian Embassy, is my personal home page. It illustrates the kinds of things that interest me. I hope you enjoy it. Watch for new material at least quarterly.

The Earthling's HandbookI also co-publish (with 'Becca Stallings) another site, The Earthling's Handbook. It's a guide to the not-so-obvious truths that we feel the enlightened citizen of the planet Earth really ought to know, but that you may not have learned in school.
My Resume
I'm currently looking for a job, in Pittsburgh, ideally helping to build computer games or similar "interactive multimedia". My resume is online. My online art portfolio is hopefully worth looking at for its own sake, too. I can be reached by email at embassy@efran.org.

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