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I want to create software that is effective, elegant, empowering, and entertaining - software that makes you feel good when you use it.

I am particularly interested in working at the intersection of digital art, software, and cinema: creating virtual worlds, computer games, or interactive multimedia.


Dual hemisphere thinker, balancing technical and artistic concerns.

Fluent C++ programmer; familiar with C, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, HTML, Visual Basic, Python, LISP; quick to learn new languages and tools. Experience programming for Macintosh, Windows, and Unix operating systems.

Experienced designer of graphical user interfaces.

Experienced digital artist, graphic designer, and photographer.

Game development hobbyist since 1982; familiar with several computer game scripting languages (such as Second Life's LSL) and world-editing tools (such as GTKRadiant).

Familiar with all aspects of Film and Video production: rigging lights, directing actors, recording sound, editing video, operating cameras.

Proficient with Photoshop, Flash, XCode, Visual Studio, GTKRadiant, Excel, Word, Access, other common software. Can learn new software easily.

Excellent proofreader, typist, and writer.

Related Experience

Flash Developer, March 2008 - October 2010
Fixing bugs and adding GUI features for an online dynamic-level-of-detail image viewer. Adding and modifying code in Flash ActionScript 2 and JavaScript; designing GUI elements.

The Sand Boxes
Independent Game Developer, July 2010 - August 2010
My entry in the JayIsGames.com Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8. A Flash puzzle/adventure game.

Independent Game Developer, December 2009 - January 2010
My entry in the JayIsGames.com Casual Gameplay Design Competition #7. A text adventure game coded in Inform7. It placed sixth out of thirty entries.

Wellspring Worldwide
Web Designer, February 2008
Designed a new layout for the company's web site. Created HTML page templates and CSS styles.

Clients of Wellspring Worldwide
Game Developer, July 2007 - January 2008
Created a prototype of an online multiplayer virtual world for kids. Designed and wrote all the Flash client code and most of the Python server code. Implemented basic multiplayer world-navigation and chat, buying and selling furniture and clothing, mini-games, and more.

Fox Tales International
Web Developer, February 2007
Created two Flash animations for a storytelling troupe's Website.

Zaxel Systems, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Engineer, December 2000 - June 2006
Wrote 3-D and high-definition video software in C++, working independently and as part of a small team.
Wrote software to control a digital camera and a robotic camera mount for detailed 3-D image capture, and to let the user fine-tune the resulting image collections. Wrote a stand-alone application and a Web applet to view the images.
Worked on "matrix effect" 3-D video capture software which was used in televised sporting events.
Wrote a "video juke box" application to control the company's digital video server in concert with a professional videotape deck. Optimized high-definition video playback algorithms in the digital video server.
Designed and implemented the graphical user interfaces for most of the above.
Assisted with 3-D video production, graphic design, product demonstrations, user studies, and customer support.

Looney Labs, College Park, Maryland
Artist, April - July 2000
Created original, product-themed art (digital paintings, 3-D renderings, and photographs) for 24 prize medallions for game tournaments.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (SecurityBlue Marketing), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Database Designer, September 1997 - November 1998; called back to add more features in 1999 and in 2000
Created several custom database applications, using Microsoft Access and Access Basic, in an extended temporary position through Kelly Services.

The Kurt Angle Exercise and Self-Esteem Video For Kids, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sound Recordist, December 1996
Recorded sound for a children's exercise video starring Olympic wrestler Kurt Angle.

Independent Game Developer, 1995
Co-wrote a computer implementation of Icehouse, a board game in which all the players move their pieces simultaneously, for Unix and the X Window System.

Cola for Tea, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Film Loader, August 1994
Loaded film and assisted the production crew for an independent feature film production.

The Tartan, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Proofreader, November 1989 - March 1990
Corrected proofs of the Carnegie Mellon University student newspaper.


Film Production Certificate, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 1999

Computer Science coursework, Carnegie Mellon University, 1989 - 1993

Central High School of Philadelphia, 1985-1989


Samples of my software and art can be seen online at www.dan-efran.com.

Daniel S. Efran
e m p l o y -at- e f r a n . o r g
Pittsburgh PA


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