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Tiny LEGO Miniatures for OGRE/G.E.V.


Picture of LEGO OGRE Mk V 'Jaws 3'

LEGO OGRE Revisited

Updated December 2011: LDRAW file; see below.

Back in 2003, I built miniatures for OGRE (a classic wargame about futuristic tanks and such) out of LEGO bricks. This was a fun project and I was pretty happy with the results.

Later, in 2010, Dave McWeasely posted a new set of LEGO OGRE minis over at boardgamegeek.com which were about ten times cooler than mine. Go on, check them out. They rock. (Also, most of them are nice and small, which is important for G.E.V.'s more lenient stacking rules.)

I built a set of Dave's armor-unit designs as soon as I could - I had to order a few extra parts for the tank treads - and these were the pieces I finally used to play a few games of OGRE against myself (which I'd been meaning to do since 2003 at least). They worked very nicely on the large map. I also drew up an LDRAW (LEGO CAD) file of Dave's armor units, for the convenience of anyone who wants to build them. I didn't have the parts to build his incredible Ogre tank, so instead I built a new version of my own, which I posted to boardgamegeek:

Ogre Mk III 'Jaws'

Now it's 2011; I've got some new LEGO parts and some new ideas. So now I've built an all-new set of OGRE/G.E.V./Shockwave miniatures, mostly smaller than Dave's and, I think, more elegant than my originals. I hope you like them.

Ogre Mk III 'Jaws 2'
Ogre Mk III "Jaws 2"
Ogre Mk V 'Jaws 3'
Ogre Mk V "Jaws 3"
Light Tank - Heavy Tank - Superheavy Tank
Howitzer Mobile Howitzer
Howitzer - Mobile Howitzer
GEV (Hovercraft) Light GEV
GEV (Hovercraft) - Light GEV
GEV-PC (Floating troop transport)
GEV-PC (Floating troop transport)
Missile Tank
Missile Tank
3, 2, 1 Infantry Squads
Infantry: 3 Squads - 2 Squads - 1 Squad
Command Posts
Command Posts: D0 - D1 - D2
Mobile CP
Mobile CP
Truck and Hovertruck
Truck - Hovertruck
Cruise Missile and Crawler
Cruise Missile and Crawler
Radar and Jammer
Radar - Radar Jammer
Laser and Laser Tower
Laser - Laser Tower
A Laboratory
A Generator
A Crater
The train
The Train

Updated December 2011: By request, most of these models are now detailed in a LDRAW file. This LEGO CAD data lets you create parts lists, building instructions, and even raytraced virtual models, when used with the appropriate software.

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About the Artist

My name is Dan Efran. I build stuff out of LEGO bricks sometimes. It's fun. I do other things too - check out the rest of this gallery for more examples.

I can be reached by email at embassy@efran.org.

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